Bellevue Boy

"Bellevue Boy"

LYRICS and Chords

by Rusty Cage


Verse Chords: G D Am Em

Chorus Chords: G D C G D, G D C Cm


Verse 1

Through the bars, the sun goes down.  I sit alone in my padded cell.

Waiting for the morning to come, My baby's locked in room 101

And I know what the doctor said about the voices inside of my head

can I find love in a place like this? Yea a little dab'll do ya know.

We we were out in the yard when I first saw you there

running your fingers through your malnourished hair

I asked you to be my woman, yea and you said maybe

it ain't easy being crazy, but I'm crazy for you baby.



I'll be your Bellevue Boy, if you'll be my psychopathic woman

we'll spend the rest of our lives, talking to ourselves, bouncing off the walls all night


Verse 2


ike the spider eats the fly, the bird eats the spider

you drink your pills and wash it down with apple cider

my friends they tell me they like you, they live in my head

I think about you when they strap me to the bed