Modern World Lyrics

"Modern World"


by Rusty Cage


Sitting alone in his rocking chair with a pistol in his hand,

Karl Dane has got nothing left to give

You see his face at the picture show

In the silent days, the only life that he'd know

But by the middle of April he had no reason to live

And when he opened his mouth, you'd probably say the same

Invention of sound, and Karl Dane was out of the game

Give him a job, $5 a day

Yeah, the studio said that that was all they would pay

And when they found him dead

He left himself for no one to claim



It's a modern world that we live in and you got no play to go 

It's a modern world that we live in and it just ain't made for me


In the show of the freaks, yeah, I would probably guess

You'd find her standing there with hair from her chin to her chest

And then they shut it down, they found it politically incorrect

So it was on with the high heels and off with the beard

When she had a good shave she didn't look half weird

So now its nights on the corners just to come up with rent

And it's a shame the way Marcel would treat her so unkind

She picked up the pipe to make it through the day

Well you can find her there, face down in the drain

2 inches of water in the grave that she lay




Jesse James, Pat Garrett, Billy the Kid

Ain't no room inside this world for all the things that they did

Yeah, Rudolph Valentino, even Cool Hand Luke

Just like a king, queen, pharaoh, like a jester or duke

Robert Lewis Stevenson and Jekyll and Hyde 

Ed Gene, The Unibomber, Bonnie and Clyde 

Randal McMurphy, I think he flew too high

Miles Davis, Ellington, and Holiday

Even Dylan's having trouble trying to make it today

It's a shame to say "That's just the way that it goes" 

Gene Kelly tap-dancing, singing the blues

Bootlegging whiskey, prohibition of booze 

I don't know what to do, I'll just have to learn I suppose