Poor Narrator Lyrics

"Poor Narrator"


by Rusty Cage


verse 1

I'm just your poor narrator

I've got no stories to tell

I speak on no one's behalf

for all the things that I left

before my final farewell

We all just want to be happy

in a world of our own

I can change what I do 

but its better for you 

just to leave me alone

I'm not your ordinary stranger

we both got nothing to say

you walk right past when we meet in the street

pretending everything is okay

but you don't know me do you

yeah, i bet it's none of your concern

and at the end of the day

you take home what you earn


In the land of the Plenty

we all just want to be free

see god don't have no say around here

and you can do just what you please

A quarter wheat for a penny

we go by what we know

and we live this lie until the day we die

when the devil come and take our soul

verse 2

give me my barley

give me my gold

give me my piece of the dream, 

piece of your life, 

piece of your mind

give me my car dealer,

give me my competition corner store

I want sixteen women on the day I day

and then I want sixteen more

chorus again



the progression in the verses goes

Cm G G# Fm G

Cm G Fm G# G Cm

chorus progress goes

C G F G# G

C G F G# G Cm