Spare A Dime Lyrics

"Spare a Dime"

LYRICS and Chords

by Rusty Cage


CAPO on 5th fret  ( I transposed my keyboard for the video to 5 half steps higher)

Am    Am    E7    A7    D    G7    C    E7,  Dm/F    E7     Am    F7    Dm6    E7    Am


Verse 1

lament the times of days long past, it as all good, but the world moves so fast.  And now it drags on, and when the luxuries are all gone, are you able to deliver when you're called upon. It seems we've got to settle and live with what we've got. Even if you're living out of a car in a parking lot, or crashing on a couch through the kindness of a friend. It seems ridiculous to sit through this and still pretend that we live the dream, that we're making cream. But on a closer look, what you see ain't what it seems, because in reality, we're barely able to get buy. And if you let it, they will keep you there until you die. Yet its worth a try, and if you make the mark, but if you miss it then you're back to living in the dark, without the cash to put a bulb in the socket. Get a loan from a drone, now you're back in their pocket. My expense is low, but the price is high, and though I'm working hard, it's getting harder to get buy. Living modestly, delegating every cent. And still a match to scratch the cash enough to pay for rent. Despite the aggravation, you set a destination. So now it's back to school to try and get an education. I could study hard, but what do I see? A hundred fifty bucks a textbook! You've got to be kidding me. 


I don't give a fuck and I don't pay taxes, I got medicaid prescription glasses. Wanna buy some lortab, 5 bucks a piece. The doctor gave em to me when I lost my wisdom teeth.  A leader will deceive you everytime you hear em speak. And keep you in the gutter, I've been starving for a week. So listen to my story, if you got the time. Hey and by the way, Brother can you spare a dime.

Verse 2

I'm not a victim, just a product of environment. I know my father's gonna work through his retirement. I know my mother's gonna live out her days thanking god for any job paying minimum wage. I know there's no chance of any assurance. No doctor visits, no health insurance, PIP or dental, my furniture is rental. My dinner is a winner, ramen noodles, oriental. My life is detrimental, but what can you do? If you understand the lyrics then you're feeling this too. And they say that we can make a difference, but you gotta ask. Why it is that every politician wears a mask. Why it is that every president's the same and yet we get so patriotic when we're playing the game. But if you dont give a fuck, then fuck it. And if you do, whatever you do is just another drop in the bucket.