The Devil's Bagel Lyrics

"The Devil's Bagel"


by Rusty Cage

intro:  G D G D G D G D G

G                     D                     G                    D

late night my shoes are worn, in a diner its 2 in the morn

G                  D                       G          D      G

and i wonder what will i do tonight

G                               D                    G                                   D

cup of coffee and a cigarette more, clock above me reads 2:04

G                           D                           G     D      G

and the nightowls all got a story to tell

       Am                                  C                                             G             D                            

the girl with the short hairs parents wont speak to her no more

       Am                          C                                       G                         D

they call her an unholy dyke and they call her a whore (oh well)

order a bagel, butter and all, think to myself as i stare at the wall

killin time, counting the change in my hand..

dark man, sits on my right, shades keeping his eyes out of light

drinks his coffee just as black as his skin..

the man with the pack and the black hat sits in the back

his white eyes glow (like a fire burns bright in the act)


"WHOOOW"  and the fat man comes in with little hair

his wife is unfaithful but he doesn't care as long as he can hold her tight at night

"YEAH" and the waitress julie is a poet now, she writes her stories on a paper towel

to publish them someday she says she might.

and the man in the back with the black hat stands and he grins

the first word he says all night is 'let the show begin'


Julie wants to have some fun so she takes a butter knife and cuts

her fingers off one by one to find a problem now she tries to start on the next hand

yea, and the fat man strips down the whore she cries to herself and 

defecates on the floor, i don't think i want the second half of my bagel no more..

the fat man started to say how he wants to kill his wife, 

as the dyke cuts off his tongue with a jagged knife.



and the two are making passionate love 

             G                                                  G      B7

and the dark blind man thinks hes seen enough, 


so he takes julies pen from her right hand 

             G                                              G       B7

and he stabs his eyes as according to plan, 

cause the man in the back simple laughs and he smiles

and the blood spills out on linoleum tile

and the fat man starts to eat the flesh of the whore

yea the moods a little different than a minute before


harmonica solo

I reach down for the last cigarette in the pack, walk over and sit with the man in the back i ask him why, he tips his hat and he smiles.