The Human Centipede Lyrics

"The Human Centipede"

LYRICS and Chords

by Rusty Cage


CAPO on 3rd fret



The human centipede, I'm stuck on you and she's stuck on me. we work together like a

C                   F        G              C                                        Am          G   C                                          

family as the human centipede

F  G Am          C           G           C             


Verse 1

There's and old german surgeon known for separating siamese twins

                    Am                                                                                        C

     but all he really wants to do is put them back together again

E          Am                                                                                         C

and when three people come about he'll sew their anus to their mouth

                   F                                    G                                 C       G            Am

making the first human centipede

F                    G                            C                        G




verse 2

Well theres two hot americans and one angry japanese man

they cried and tried to get away before the surgery began

but now three have becomeone, and they all have tons of fun

walking around like a centipede