The Lies of Love (This Is Not a Love Song) Lyrics

"The Lies of Love"


by Rusty Cage


It's true that sometimes intuition ties the blinding folds

To contemplate not what, but why the way the mind can go

Sometimes it plays the heart, it's so lovely at the start

But when the walls come crashing down I take it all apart

Arise my jaded cynicism, analyzing criticism  

Every thought so skeptical, no mysteries are left at all

No silly romance fantasies are really how they're hoped to be

No this is not a song of love, just so damn reminiscent of it all. 



Whoow, intention. When you leave these things behind, I can't open up my mind at all. 

Whoow, intention. Well I know, I know that love ain't real but I can't deny the way I feel. I'd like to say I'll find the day when no more will I feel this way, and if I never, very well. But only tests of time can tell. Indulge the moment and then it's gone, but never for too very long. No this is not a song of love just so damn reminiscent of it all.  


Verse 2. 

The fight to strive, genetic drive, those early days of man. Replication and survive, to act not understand. For every lost potential mother kills you from within, for fear of life's own preservation starts to settle in. Well I know it gets confusing and I know it's worth a try. When instinct tells you how to act but just wont tell you why. As single souls are drawn together, passionate and blind. Just keep this simple thought in mind, that love is just a concept for the times. 




Woe and blight, such is life. Though excel for all is well