With Extreme Prejudice Lyrics

"With Extreme Prejudice"

LYRICS and Chords

by Rusty Cage


Capo on 4th fret

Chords:  Am   E    F    F   (this progression repeats throughout the song)


Some people make it a habit of not working on the sabbath, waking up the next morning to pray. and whether it be a life revision, or a color television, thanking jesus they'll receive it one day. some people pull their optimism over their eyes just pretending that they know what to do, and I know im slightly rusty, girl youre gonna have to trust me, keep a realistic point of view. 

Well scarcely can I blame them cause its hard enough to name them but you see them everyday on TV . So take a walk with me and understand whose in command and let it pan the left and the right, sufficient tonight, omniscient I might, keep you in my sight. don't let yourself slip, tossing in the dice starts with losing your grip. So forsake your only baby maybe you can get away before the sun begins to pick up the dew, woman keep it in your vision its a hard enough decision keep a realistic point of view

If you're leaving my sight, you had better open your eyes, and take my hand by the end of the night. If I should ever lay you down, lay you down


Its as simple as at monasteries, clasping your hands, living life a loading level prior to the promise land, so my man, stop the waiting and debating "whats next?". perplexed and yes the entire situations a mess, so progress, finesse, final insinuation whats left, and the best i guess i missed, wait, I lift it, the tide that drifts it may not fix it, for fear of fierce fire fury fights for the wicks, kid. triple six did the trick to shatter the brain and sustain the painful knowledge that the future will bring, yea but (you know) i say fuck it, do what though wilt. not opposed to all the choices that Iscariot felt. consider this a warning, you'll envision by the morning but its better just to think it through. with your pupils dilated and your mind on what i stated keep a realistic point of view.


poor jesus, mother mary, heavens closed today

saint peter, saint peter, turn my soul away

mother mary, poor jesus, let us try again

holy father, spirit within, send another son to us to die for our sin