The Mysterious Stranger

"The Mysterious Stranger" 


by Rusty Cage


Travelled up the country from a town down south where the laws are governed by a lack of fiction. 

He was a man of supreme extravagance sent to us to test our human contradiction. 


He was just a mysterious stranger with the supernatural claim to raise the dead, 

he sang a song of his redemption, he sang a song of seven sins that plague the dead,

soulless sings when sorry brings us down. 


You could believe nothing’s set in stone, anything could change the way you see by what is known,

for when the light shines bright on the right side, you’re left blind to the blight that the shadow hides, 

but what is your perspective? could you acclimate the empathy enough to try and respect it?

To praise god as a menacing host, just to crucify the devil when he needed us most,

Throw stones, break bones, You can take your turn, but is it all right? FUCK IT! let em burn. 


Jesus cried inside the manger, but his tears were never once written about. 

Was he weeping hallelujah or was he weeping for the sins he lived without.

Take my sword down to the river, may the waters wash above my weary head.

The river rests and the river wakes, the river calms and the river breaks, 

the river gives and the river takes you to it’s bed, 

soulless sings, when sorry brings us down. 


These people really know how to take, 

they understand forgiveness when they make a mistake, 

they understand strife and the value of life, 

but forget to ever stop and question whether its right. 

we’re subject to reality, reality of that which is subjective,

and act upon the fact that we know best as a collective, 

remedy the enemy the populous picks, 

and implement a prejudice to stir up the mix, 

how strong are your convictions that a heaven exists?

is it enough to sacrifice the choice of life to persist?

Always knowing that your crowing keeps you safe and snug, 

life is easy sweeping underneath the rug. 

But deep down we know the truth about death,

when it finally comes we know there aint nothin left,

because god is indifferent, nobody is innocent, 

and we invent the definition of the infinite. 

I can do whats right, and I try, but if you want god?

then FUCK IT, let em die


Death never waits, follow me down

Down to the gate, Follow me down

Don’t hesitate, Follow me down

Heaven awaits, follow meeeeee Down

Soulless sings when sorry brings us down