What They Said Lyrics

"What They Said"


by Rusty Cage


I left my home for the weekend, and the safety of my bed,

my life is secure, my opinions validated,

I feel special in my head,

The world outside seems so shitty,

all the people try to bring me down,

I thought that I was perfect 

and I thought that they would love me,

but instead they only try to offend,

I can’t believe what they said,


Well sometimes criticism is given, 

it’s the one true fact about the world we live in,

you can choose to accept or reject critique, 

there’s a risk that you take every time you speak,

if you shout your opinions in a public place,

well then they might just shout right back in your face,

if you think that you’re safe guess again my friend,

because sometimes life’s just got to offend, 


My mother told me she loves me and she’d always hold my hand, 

she told me that my feelings were the only thing that mattered,

but nobody seems to understand,


Not everything is gonna be about you,

cause the world keeps turning whether with or without you,

you can cry your griefs about what you believe,

but don’t expect anyone to see the way you see,

don’t expect anyone to feel the way you feel,

when the flack that you’re fed is a three course,

offense is never given it can only be taken,

when the age of outrage comes to break you down,


All the agendered, bigendered, non and cis gendered,

pan, demisexual, trans, and misgendered, 

plantkin, otherkin, dragons and therions, 

muslims, satanists, jews and christians,

black skin, white skin, yellow and brown,

we all got people trying to put us down,

and word is only strong as the power we give it,

we can censor it out, or we can learn to live with it, 


I left my home for the weekend, 

I left the safety of my comfortable bed,

I had to talk to people different from me,

and I just can’t believe what they said,

I can’t believe what they said